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  1. All have been accepted and added to the whitelist! Sorry for the delay. Welcome to Horizon!
  2. Hello aet2505!

    IGN: mariolikesfood

    Age: 15

    Why Horizon?: I was searching for some hexxit servers that were active. Plus i saw that your tread for Horizon was big! Ive never found a NO Griefing server yet so lets see if this server is right for me!

    What is your goal on the server?: My goal is to just to have fun and help others and explore the hexxit regions!

    I was going to write more but i have limited space :/

  3. Accepted and added to white-list. Welcome to Horizon This is something we are looking into the difficulty arises due to the lack of mystcraft to generate new worlds and multiverse has had some issues with forge in the past. I will investigate and get back to you.
  4. All accepted and added to white-list. Welcome to Horizon Sorry for the delay in applications have had some issues to deal with but I am back as normal now.
  5. also, they teleported other people to me to engage in hostile actions. Ask deviboojj1 for more, he was with me

  6. So this guys name is Hazmatknight. Basically what happened was I exploring with one of my friends with pvp OFF and he killed us with magic staffs. (Poison staff and dark staff) Exploiting, swearing, and griefing my home base is what he did. He camped my /home so I could not get my other items from chests. I have video evidence. Message me if you need video proof. Thanks! Towertown (on the server)

  7. Accepted, added to whitelist. Welcome to horizon Updated Op to new version.
  8. Happy Birthday Accepted and added to white-list. Welcome to Horizon. I will be updating the server to 1.0.1 later today when I am back at my computer.
  9. If you send me your username I will pass the information on and get it resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Accepted and added to whitelist.
  10. Accepted and added to whitelist. We have done both of things yellow. At the moment I cannot directly access it however I have been informed that it should be resolved.
  11. I will have a look and re-whitelist you sorry for the inconvenience The server is not down I can connect. Might have caught us during a scheduled restart/ Accepted and added to whitelist. P.S Welcome to Hroizon!
  12. Accepted and added. Welcome to Horizon Did you apply for the whitelist? The white-list message has been corrected sorry for the confusion.
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