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  1. I would like to join this server because I like small servers where I can just build, and build, and build. This is one of the only servers I've found where the rules completely follow my moral code. IGN: Gameguy86 PS: the website doesn't exist.
  2. when i try to logon it tells me i need to get the mod mod_immichunkloaders rev3.2 anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?? ps i have forestry installed.
  3. [Whitelist Application] Minecraft Name: Gameguy86 Why would you like to join the sillitekkit community?: I havnt found a tekkit server thets right for me, and i my creations are safer on whitelisted servers. Do you have any bans on record?: yes, 1 If so why?: I destroyed my own house so i could move to a less populated area, and my neighbor reported it as a griefed house so they banned me for destroying my own house. How long will you be able to play on SilliTekkit?: at least once every 2 days, and alot on the weekends.