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  1. It seems that its just a bunch of kids. Not even hackers. One was smart enough to read someone elses hack. So they all get together on their mommies computers and exploit a known error in older software. At first I thought it was actually some important group. Team Lixo, heh heh. They called themselves Team Lixo. More like team Lamo. I tracked one so far. Getting info from his IP provider this week. His mom might get mad when they lose their internet. All we need to do is go to a newer mod because they have no idea how to actually hack.
  2. Oh well, the show will go on. Too bad some douchnozzle that probably lives in his parents basement, has zero life, and probably has no friends has to ruin it for people that actually have fun...We will figure it out and be back up in no time. With all the added logs and protection on this server, will be easy to track them down now.
  3. First off, Ally, would it be possible to get the world back up and we could redirect people to a new server, depending on what Plow decides? Maybe a few signs at spawn or something? I like both options for a server. I am currently wasting my time on the Jacksoncraft server. I like the addition of items, but it might be hard to get a base of players if there are additional steps involved. Getting new players would be a challenge as well. I think the situation to get new players and keep a lot of the old ones would be to have a tekkit server. Easy to find and no additional files to add.
  4. Well this does blow indeed. So, someone got on the server and trashed it? I am going to start playing on plows server I guess. Its got all the latest stuff, i just think it takes a bit more of a computer to run it well. (i may be wrong) Its called jacksoncraft. Ill ask him about letting everyone know about it. Going to make sure before announcing the ip and all that crap. I think he whitelists too Cruleman
  5. yeah, that was the guy, willidk3. Hmm, I thought cerberus95 was helping...guess not. If you need any help, let me know. I'm new to your server but I have a bunch of experience. I have been running a private server for a while. aka cruleman
  6. It appears all protection is off around spawn. I have an idea of who it might have been. Guy by the name of wylie or something. was on between 9-10 est on the 29th. Cruleman