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  1. I don't really have any way to prove that it is not malicious. logoutelevators are going to be fixed in the next tekkit update anyways so you haven't got long to wait. I did submit it to bukkitdev, just after I realized that logoutelevators are fixed in the latest bukkit version so they rejected it. if you don't trust it don't download it, I did not make this plugin with the idea of publicly releasing it. I just thought someone could benefit from it.
  2. Here is the download link: stop loes.jar I couldn't get my server running, and it is terribly unreliable so I made a dropbox account .
  3. well, I did just that. its pending bukkit approval. I will post a link here when it is done. Edit: Disregard that. I just realized "dat notchbug" is fixed in the latest bukkit release. so they wont approve it. I feel like a moron now D: anyways, for those of us dwelling on the outdated minecraft that comes with tekkit I shall be putting a dl link on my own website. when I can get on my main computer.
  4. Well considering that my reactors blew up due to SOMEBODYS antics with the temperature sensors, I think I'll start over and make a base at the bedrock level. Either that or become a nomad, with everything in my inventory, or at least until forcefields get fixed, if they ever do. I would imagine a bukkit plugin to stop logoutelevators would be easy to code. I might learn Java and get onto that. thanks for the help.
  5. Your profile pic suits you troy. And could you please tell me how you got in, this is getting old.
  6. I have made my forcefeild 3 layers thick, but i have a new problem. the logoutelevator. people are just getting through the bottom of my forcefeild with nothing but 2 blocks of dirt and a trapdoor. I have tried making the forcefeilds 2 blocks apart at the bottom, but you just have to do it 3 times over to get through. if anyone knows how to stop people from doing this, it would be great.
  7. Thanks, I'll try making my forcefeilds 2 layered. but i know that he didn't use ender pearls, because when i checked his inventory straight after he didn't have any. HA, Just as i was typing this i found some glass cover corners blocking the path of my forcefeild and making a small hole in the bottom that one could fly through. obviously the block breakers weren't breaking it. Also, throwing an ender pearl at the bottom of the forcefeild tp's you through. I reckon someone should put a complete guide on the wiki on how to make a forcefeild impenetrable.
  8. My base consists of two floating islands that are connected with a bridge (with a glass fiber cable in it). One with 10 nuclear reactors on it and the other one has my house/everything else. I have 2 forcefields (with block breaker, zapper, and camo upgrades) completely encasing both islands, a mffs tube projector allowing save passage between reactor island and main island, and one that is controlled by a password system using 3 computer craft computers and rednet. all the forcefield are powered by the one forcefield core. Then my friend (who I am at war with) comes along and walks straig
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