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  1. Name: Jacob Minecraft Username: JarJariggs123 Age: 15 Your long term minecraft project: Quantum suit armor, nuff said, but also I just really enjoy playing tekkit lite and I'm looking for a server that allows items such as quarries, because without them it doesn't seem the same Why you want to play on this server: I want a server I can play with my friends on, and not have tons of restrictions.
  2. Nice, I use an electronic circuit plan and a project table for all mine (excluding those for the solar panels).
  3. I recently made a machine that automates the creation of solar panels using pipes, automatic crafting tables, 2 electric furnaces, a macerator, and redstone engines. I was wondering what other machines had been created to do similar tasks. I'd love to see some other user's complex machines (whether it be IC2, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, (etc.) or a mixture thereof) to get some inspiration. So, post pics below! overview starting chest iron furnace autocrafting table (left) and RE battery autocrafting table (right) top view (beginning chest is in the top right) Generator autocrafting table (just to the left of the crosshair) and electronic circuit autocrafting table (just to the left of that) Sand -> Glass furnace (left) and solar panel autocrafting table (center)
  4. Oh, and also, some sort of economy might be cool (not necessary though)!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a Tekkit Lite server to play on, but I am kind of lost as to where I might decide which is best for me. Most of the sites I've looked at have lists of servers with VERY brief descriptions of each and no sure way of deciding one over another. So, here are the criteria I have for deciding: - preferably no PvP - small community that likes to collaborate on projects rather that acting as if they are playing SSP, not SMP (friendly, helpful, all that jazz) - nothing fancy or big, straight up Tekkit Lite - yeah, that's pretty much it So, if you have ay suggestions, please reply, and thanks for any input. Also, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong thread, I don't post on these forums much.
  6. This happens to me as well. To fix this I just have to delete some never used stuff from my computer (i.e. my entire web history, old games, powerpoints I did in middle school) and this seems to help for a while before it starts freezing again, but beyond that I haven't found much that fixes this. I have tried allocating more memory to Java, but this doesn't seem to work either.
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