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  1. its not just her dress, shes a stunning women. sorry thats offtopic lol Ive been using the wiki as well but i find it better to run mc in windows mode or have a laptop/tablet by the side of you so you can keep looking things up. (especially when you need them frequently)
  2. I am a very green person so I wish to use only the renewable resources to generate power. thats why I was looking for a solar panel factory to power HV XD
  3. u cant just do that can u? what about the server? if the server is running 3.1.3?
  4. shuttleu I sent you a message in a conversation thing, I wonder if you get a notification for it or not. for furnaces and macerators would it be better to use induction furnaces and... (if there is an upgrade for the macerator)
  5. what update is this =S I still dont see IC2 stuff!
  6. I want to make an automatic solar panel factory but I dont know if this is possible to do (with the space I have to make it in) a Solar panel takes: 3 coal dust 3 Glass blocks 2 Electronic circuits - 6 copper wire, 1 refined iron, 2 red stone 1 Generator: - 1 furnace, 1 battery, 1 machine 1 furnace: 6 cobblestone 1 Machine: 6 refined iron 1 battery: 4 tin, 2 red stone, 1 copper wire 6 copper wire: 3 copper 6 rubber so this to me tells me I will need: a macerator a furnace (to make refined iron that I cant create using a condenser) 5 condensers (1 for each: copper, rubber,
  7. does IC2 have a forum or IRC where we could possibly ask anyone else if they have the NEI pack for it?
  8. is it possible to still get a list though? would be nice to know =D
  9. I am looking for a list of all the things that emit light in tekkit. Essentially I am designing a factory and I want to light the place up but im not sure what the best way to do it is. I could cover the floor in glowstone or place a bunch of torches the retro way but i am sure there is a nice tekkit way of lighting up a room. Keep in mind that If the light source requires energy or emc or something, it needs to be able to cover enough energy to light a room 8x13 (4 blocks high) with only 1 or 2 solar panels
  10. So, i feel like i am relatively experiences in the realms of EE but I want to learn a little more about the IC machines but i get a little confused in places. I would like to know which machines upgrade to what: ie. Electric Furnace -> Induction Furnace and even if this is an upgrade because overclockers can make the electric furnace run super quickly... but also i would like to know what machines use what power as far as i know there is low medium and high voltage so... what uses low what uses medium and what uses high voltage? one last question, if most of my current machi
  11. I have the same issue but O doesnt do anything... I get it quite often and dont know what i do to remove it at all.
  12. im not too sure how to do this or what you mean, if I give you an example (the solar panels have no crafting) is it possible to show me what you mean? for the rest i could look up myself =)
  13. It seems that since the update something hasnt worked. I dont know what mod it is so i will explain it. when I press E and I get the search bar at the bottom where I can search whatever item i want. when ive found that item and i want to know how to craft it, I can press R to find out. however recently some of them dont seem to tell me how to craft items anymore, anyone else notice this or any ability how i can fix that?
  14. oh wait... single player saves? -.- dammit i had some test builds using redpower (as im a total noob with redpower) and also a power flower factory design.... now those are gone.
  15. yea the mods folder was rebuilt... does that mean ill have to redo my list in game? i thought i had everything i needed backed up XD i guess ive learnt the hard way
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