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  1. *Update* Happy Holidays and hope everyone had fun. Our build team will be getting back into development this month. Hope to see some new faces around. Also Look foreward to a "Management" position opening up soon. I'll edit the first post with details.
  2. We dont know the inner workigns of Tekkit as its mostly just Mods. Our server is not the "latest" from what I've been told thanks to our host. Tekkit launcher version I use to log: Latest Tekkit version: 3.1.3 Server version: 3.1.2 Thats about all I can offer. Ask somewhere else if you're unable to solve your problem. Sorry I could'nt help.
  3. Our buildteam is taking a break for the holidays, We'll be back in january. (server will stay online)
  4. Humble beginnings of the final area. Only took us like...10 minutes >.< http://imgur.com/lgXZV
  5. Added, our build team will also be on tonight to "break ground" on the "ruby palace" we're just building a palace "skeleton" and will wrap thigs up hopefully tomorrow and start major work on complete gameplay aspects.
  6. Was pondering that too, though to make things easier on us, if left alone for a bit Bosses "reset" to full health. I'm a little leary of for example "someone cant solo a minoboss/boss because of its regeneration is too great." granted trying to solo a boss may and could be possible, its not very smart to do so. Adding regeneration would be something else the player needs to "fight aginst".
  7. Wow, geting alot of good feedback, thanks everyone ^-^ guess I'll bump this too eh? On the other hand. for anyone reading this we're also looking for someone to help design a "leveling tree" if you will. Turns out we ended up trying to build a MMO inside minecraft/tekkit. So if anyone wants to PM/email/whatever me with a few ideas I'll make them happen in the server. Example: -Full Iron armor, Iron Sword, and a boss that would be challenging to fight aginst it... but nearly impossible to fight aginst with leather armor. same for diamond armor and tekkits additional armor/weapons. This is whats mainly slowing us down so any ideas would help greatly. If i cant get any ideas I'll generate bosses nearly random and tweak in "open beta" Few notes on the above: I can explain as much as possible to help inspire ideas also, and the inner workings of our custom/and public plugins. + bosses CAN do enough damage to pose a threat to people with full quantom/gem armor. we can even make bosses 2 shot people in gem armor...its completly possible but not probbaly nessisary...
  8. *update* Final boss area/fight being built/designed. Would like to see any active testers on for feedback. If not then we'll just tweak it when we actually do get the area tested. Also loot tables are being implemented for zombies and bosses. *guardian bosses in towns (golems) are placed to keep players from draging zombies into towns. zombies killed by golems do not drop loot table items, just rotten flesh. ^thank you testers. we may even be able to allow quantom armor into the game, since we can actually make bosses do enough damage to pose a threat to someone in this armor. Stull undergoing testing and need alot of help.
  9. Both whitelisted ^-^ welcome. message us Ingame if you see us or on Teamspeak3 if you wish to help out.
  10. Update: Bosses: being built and last major test to guage "toughness" of bosses is scheduled tomorrow from this post. Plugins: working 100% and now are just designing the overall gameplay from level 1 to End. New spawn: No more being spawned ontop of a random building. more content and areas are being added: Floating islands, desert ruin city, and a huge castle someone started that isnt finished :/
  11. First major test today with bosses. Just incase the testers are still waching this thread. This'l probbaly a 2-3 day test.
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