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  1. never used the atomic science electromagnets so i dunno what they do xD and as for the modular forcefield the setup is different than the one from tekkit classic so i would have to learn it first. How would you go about setting up the electromagnets though in order to keep off the meteors?
  2. Anyone know of a good method to protect a moon base/space station against falling meteors on tekkit. Kinda annoying to go to overworld then come back and find half of base missing cuz of a meteor.
  3. how about the one where when you launch the game all you see is the screen where it says mojang for about 30 seconds and then it auto closes and goes right back to the technic launcher? Wheres the fix on that
  4. I am thinking that attack of the B-Team needs one major fix right now, and that is fixing the crashing issue. I mean i cannot even get the game to start. every mod pack i have from the technic launcher works except for B-team. When i launch it all i see is the Mojang screen for about 50 seconds then it auto closes and takes me back to the launcher every single time. No error message nothing. Even tried resetting everything and re-downloading the launcher. plus from what i have read in the forums i am not the only one having this exact same problem.
  5. I have one question about the oxygen sealer that i always wondered. Does anyone know the block radius that they can seal? for example I usually start out with 5x5x5 rooms (5 wide by 5 wide by 5 tall) but when i get to a certain size they start becoming unsealed. Also if much larger rooms are unsealable by one oxygen sealer would placing more in it be able to seal that room?
  6. yeah the recent patch has fixed teh oxygen sealer issue. they were buggy when Tekkit first came out. Then they got fixed then they got buggy then they are now fixed again. Lets hope they stay that way. Though they are still a bit buggy since when you set one up you have to log out and log back in for it to actually start sealing.
  7. I looked in the bug section and did not see anything affiliated with this yet so i did not think it would be a bug. I wanted to see if i was the only one with the issue before i posted that it might be a bug.
  8. I do not know if I am the only one having this problem but whenever I try to open an airlock to an oxygen sealed room my tekkit freezes up and then crashes. Then when i try to restart and re enter the world i created it just crashes as soon as i enter the world. I do not know for sure if it is the air lock or the oxygen sealer. But i wanted to know if i was the only one having this problem or not and if there is a way to fix it?
  9. thx dash, the server launcher is working perfectly. Do not understand why the webpage is not though.
  10. I go to technicpack.net/hexxit to try to download the server launch but when i get there i cannot scroll down or click on anything and when i do click on anything nothing happens. It tells me the page has already loaded but i cannot do anything on the page. Does anyone have a direct link to the latest server launcher for windows for hexxit?
  11. Does anyone else think that having an anti gravity system would be good for space stations that way when you jump inside of them you do not fly into the cieling?
  12. i tried that but it wont show me the recipe but its ok i figured it out anyway by going by the recipe for a regular bag and putting the bomb in place of the chest
  13. i searched for the zombie boss in twilight and no luck, i checked the wiki again and there is no mention of the zombie boss at all even in the non existant pages (confused)
  14. what materials do you need to make the bomb bag?
  15. ah that helps, but still do not know how to use the typesetting table or printing press xwx
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