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  1. Hey there Today istarted the tekkit server.Unfortently when i place a tekkitblock it disappears right in front of me. To showyou that I made a video: can anyone help me? -> FOUND IT: Unfortently itried to launch theminecraft jar fileas server but i had to load the tekkit.jar file to start.... *facepalm*
  2. okey so i uploaded bukkitforge 1.4.7-30.jar to core mods and then delete the contents of the lib folder then the console says fml can't be load or was unable :(
  3. yes i download it but since 0.5.2 there is no forge folder and no forgejar in the core mods folder so i just uploaded the latest bukkit forge and then my server does not start... i dont know why i try to reinstall it...
  4. thanks for the how to now the latest version is 0.5.2 and bukkitforge seems not to be working or has anyone getting bukkitforge with worldedit to work?
  5. Hey there Im Messing with TekkitLite server on verygames.us. I made a fresh install then it the consol told me to download the lib files manualy what i've done. Then the Server starts nice. Next step is to delete Forge Essentials Folder and the Forge Essentials jar file and upload the latest bukkitforge to coremods. Once completed i create a folder with plugins, put the worldedit (linked in the forum on the thread how to install bukit mods) and start the server again it gives a lot of red text but it starts till he gets read time out and the server can't be started anymore. Here is the Crash Report: http://nopaste.info/78dfb6535a.html Hope anyone could help me? Cheers
  6. Hey there! I own a small server where my friend and I built some stuff. The Server became online and i started a small Community. I'm currently looking for Members who like to play and built something. Not specific just free to play . If you are interested and like to join me and the Server please let me know. It would be great if this could be someone who speaks German because for English speaking Members its hard to understand the German sings on the Server Cheers hyprem