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  1. How do I convert ID2 units to UE units? IC2 introduces EU which 0-5 is Ultra low volt, 5-32 is Low Volt, 32-64 is Medium, 64-512 is High. and so on and so fourth.. Universal Electricity is in itself a mod, not just an API (which the wiki NEEDS to be updated on this) Coal Gen, Battery Box and copper and tin ore all is apart of UE mod. Well UE has units in Kj's or kiloJoules. I would like to know what the conversion is because I blew up many of my machines when I had a bit too high voltage <.< (crossing the machines that is, darn water strainers, why you leave me!)
  2. Really? It is still version specific? You say that Forge is the Core Plugin system. So why doesn't Forge have backwards compatibility with the other earlier plugins(Mods)? Shouldn't it still be borrowing from the same Libraries in the API? I'm just trying to learn a bit more how it works. BTW thanks for the link.I hope to combine Tekkit Lite with Tekkit and Voltz. Im just sad that it still is version specific. I really liked the Ships and Boats mod (not originaly with Tekkit or Tekkit Classic) =/ only works for 1.2.5
  3. I would like to better understand what Tekkit lite is, well at its core that is. First of all I understand that Tekkit Lite is a "Mod Pack"? If that is correct then I am guessing that is borrows on the ForgeAPI as a plugin to run? If this is so... Then does that mean I can manually update the forge API to accept any version of the Minecraft.Jar? I noticed that I can use older versions of "mods" for any modpack as long as I dont' go above the version number of the jar. Example I can install a mod like IC2 for 1.4.6, while Tekkit Lite runs on MC 1.4.7 Since all the mods I want is already in Tekkit Lite, I was hoping to use that as a base and update it manually. (Since I don't know how to make custom mod packs with custom version numbers at this time. Though a tutorial page would be nice)