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  1. In-Game Name: nitrous123 Age and Global Location? 21 SoCal Have you ever been banned before? No Why do you play SMP? I love the social aspect of Tekkit, there's nothing like sharing your awesome creations with others. You know this is a member application right? Yes How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2+ years How did you find us? Tekkit forums. What's your favorite color? pink! Will you please make an account on our Website? Yes Anything else you want to add? Looking forward to joining the community!
  2. Your in-game name: nitrous123 Why do you want to join our server?: Making the switch from Tekkit Lite and looking for a new server to call home. Why JWL?: You guys seem like a solid community, and hopefully the server is lag free. Something about yourself: Been a big fan of tekkit for serveral years now. The new additions to Tekkit look awesome, really looking forward to trying them out on SMP.
  3. IGN (In Game Name): nitrous123 Age: 21 Why Gearz?: Looking to make the switch from Tekkit Lite and Gearz has a great reputation! What do you want to build on the server?: Haven't decided on anything in particular yet, just looking forward to exploring the new features of Tekkit!
  4. Username: nitrous123 Age: 22 Why Tekkitopia? I'm a tekkit veteran looking for a mature server to call home. I've read over your rules and restrictions and it's seems like a great fit Your secret code: 10nit