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  1. The "End" is now open, come and battle some Endermen or PVP other players :)
  2. Please go back to living under the cyber bridge with the rest of the internet tolls...
  3. Becasue you have a bad repuation for griefing and homophobia, 3 global bans = no play on my server Proof ---> http://www.mcbans.com/player/Syvo123guy
  4. Welcome to the Raidkraft Community Our Server IP: tekkit.raidkraft.net As tekkit is getting more and more popular, our minecraft commuity asked if we could run a tekkit server, so a few weeks passed, a nice spawn area was built and we opened the server for all to play... About the server: (Server is 24/7) Town World: (Towny) Build in the safety of towns with no grief and no PVP, chest and doors can be locked for protection Mine World: Build and mine in our wilderness world, PVP is on griefing is on and chests can't be locked (find a locked chest/furnace we will open it for free) Nether World: Build and mine in the Nether, PVP is on, griefing is on and chests can be opened End World: Battle with the Endermen and other players and grab yourself some endstone, PVP is on, griefing is on and chests can be opened Our dedicated i7 servers with 24GB RAM ensure a lag free experience with 100 slots available and enough power to add more, we are sure you will find Raidkraft a great place to be. We run a no white list policy and the spawn is easy to exit (nothing worse than doing puzzles and answering questions to get out of spawn) About us: Our minecraft server was born in early 2012 and has an excellent player base, our Tekkit server has been running since October 2012 and is doing very well We have our own dedicated Team Speak server (ts3.raidkraft.net) and website/forums Come and join our fantastic community of players and professional staff Current plugins include: Towny Economy system Multiworlds Mob bounty (get rewarded for killing mobs) + more... Banned items: (sorry we have to have some items banned to protect the server and the economy) All EE All RM/DM Tools, furnaces & weapons Nukes & TNT Tunnel bore Condensor Diving rods Gem of eternal density Throwable weapons Dimensional/World anchor Nova catalyst Mercurial eye Black hole band Blowguns We often unban things when we find a work around, but most are disabled because they are over powered or override towny protection/no PVP areas, we reserver the right to add items that are found to be glitchy/cause lag or dupe bugs
  5. www.raidkraft.net

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