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  1. IGN: zPurplePlatypusX Age: 18 Experience with Tekkit: I played lots of tekkit classic, but not much tekkit. How long you have been playing for: Minecraft in general a few years. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): Figuring out mods, helping people out with mods. I consider myself a decent building who knows better not to build dirt huts. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I feel like id be a good addition because i usually mind my own business but i'm up for social events on servers also.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, Yes the server is down and will most likely not come back up. Sorry guys <3
  3. Going to be looking after the server more now, ive been slacking! expect big things within the next few days!
  4. Server had abit of downtime due to some host problems, should be all fixed now
  5. Alright we had some problems with the server, seems as we where getting hacked with computercraft, this mod is removed for now to allow the server to be up. Sorry for the downtime i have been pretty busy lately i will try to keep up with the server more now!:)
  6. Servers back up! New map sadly but it is back! Donator ranks are carried over!
  7. Kudos to purple to?:3 hahaha, and the server has its moments of lag.. there is really no way of fixing it since people can light 100000 nukes off at once..
  8. Nukes will remain UNBANNED. I'm sorry you got griefed but thats the style of the server.. factions are not ment to protect the land 100% but to have a group of friends to play together, and jeopradize us?
  9. DaBee what is your in game name? i am not aware of anyone being in prison? If you have question where we can rule this out, add me on skype zPurplePlatypusX. And your inventory will be in tact just like everyone els's. I just need your in game name.
  10. Sadly had to go to a new map.. Inventory are in still all there. Back to 3.1.2, Alot better then 3.1.3
  11. sorry you feel like this, we did put boats in the starter kit.
  12. Plus i would not like to join, infact i dont think anyone would. Start up your own post and try it out.
  13. LOL, and you saying you hacked the server. You're full of it.
  14. This is spam, im sorry you did not enjoy the server. But this is not the way to take it out. YOU are no longer welcome on the server and on this post. Please take this crap somewhere els.
  15. Mob arena is currently for all ranks! enjoy it while you can:)
  16. The donation system is to make donators use full, make it worth it for people. Seeing how there isn't much to give since its tekkit we had to think. Do you know why tpa has been moved to donator? Think about it fast, it makes a donator more of a raiding/pvp player. Helps them out in raids and griefs. If you want to be tp'ad ask a donator, but then you have to be careful, do you trust that donator or do you not? This is basically the reason why it has been moved to a donator rank.
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