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  1. [Tekkit 1.5.1]BRAIN DEAD TEKKIT[CREATIVE][85 slots] Everybody is welcome to play on the server. It is new and should be online all the time. It is hosted on a HP Proliant DL380 G4 server with 8GB ram. KITTENWAR.COM COME AND HAVE FUN.
  2. I got it working using custom music plugin and audio client. Thanks a bunch. Since I am running the server on a HP Proliant DL380 G4 server rack then it took a little more configuring to make it work. THANKS FOR THE HELP. I APPRECIATE IT.
  3. lol...been there done that. I figured since the client is built off of sprout it would be as easy as putting in a plugin but i guess not.
  4. Which bukkit plugin do I use to put custom music such as a streaming radio station on my server? Can it be done without a audio client that is apart from the regular tekkit client? Is there a mod I can install in the client?
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