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  1. Minecraft In-Game name? brokeashell Age? 30 What country do you live in? USA Do you have/use Skype? =X Do you have/use Teamspeak? Yes/Yes Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? Not Currently. If so, Channel/Stream Name? N/A Do you enjoy building or just playing? Yup! Acceptance of server rules? Yes Sir!
  2. Oops... guess I should have looked at the previous post, I'll re-post there.
  3. Minecraft name? brokeashell What country do you live in? USA Skype name? =X Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? Not currently. Age? 30 Acceptance of server rules? Yes sir!
  4. IGN: brokeashell Age: 29 Tekkit experience: Not much. Have you read and do you agree with the rules: Yes sir!
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