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  1. I absolutely love this server. Everyone is kind and the staff are helpful. This whole community is great. This server is great. Whether your play style is peaceful, or factions, there's a world for you. And, there's no lag. You guys should all try it out. Join the website here to keep updated or try one of their other servers (there are multiple great servers on this network): http://www.apocgaming.org/home
  2. Doing school.

  3. If you go to www.companycraft.org then click the page called servers, It shows the server status. I think it might have just crashed. The other possibility is that its down for updates or maintenance.
  4. You can only steal if it is unlocked as that means the person was to lazy to lock there stuff. AND NO GRIEFING to get into there house to steal
  5. I like the rules actually because I don't like swearing or griefing! IGN: CJRyser You should know me I always vote for this server it is GREAT!
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