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  1. well i don't think that i am a hacker but every body says i am any ways do you know how to help me with this???!!!!!
  2. how do you ad mod packs to the technic launcher? ( by the way i am not a hacker. if you do not believe my find yourself a way to find out! )
  3. every thing is doing the same as my other thread says so plz help
  4. i do not think it is pirating but you can think as you please but don't stereotype me as that guy who cheats because i don't care until mojang complains (not trying to sound like a snotty 5 year old)
  5. i don't have a prated copy some guy just modded it so that you do not need a premium account and please do not reply in this thread any more
  6. he just emailed me a copy of the . Technic folder so thx and i am really sorry valkonX11
  7. thx i really did not know that they where like admins or something and i don't have a premium minecraft account my friend does and i am helping him with his lets play texture pack
  8. could you check this out?


  9. well mister smarty pants could someone get me the default texture pack with all the mods in the right folders?
  10. does any one have a copy of the regular Technic texture pack
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