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  1. .....You think threatening us will make us let you back on? no. It wont. And Theend isn't banned. He hasn't done anything, at least nothing we know of. So stop this, it is stupid.
  2. Hay guys. Just so you know!! Our server now has a website!! If you like our server, join! It would also be a better place to be kept up to date with the server! http://tkzgames.enjin.com/home
  3. right now things are a bit wonky with the addons we are working on it
  4. Sigh.....alright. Well, Tru, don't worry about it. What he is saying is that his brother was playing without him knowing. Or so I think that's what hes saying.... We will fix the portals. Sorry for the pain in the ass.
  5. I honestly dont know. I will speak to Kindle when he returns from his trip. But we really don't like making people start over and over. The only reason the server ended up an older version is because something when wrong while trying to fix something else. Maybe in the future. I know i would rather wait until Tekkit releases 1.3 or 1.4 versions of the mods. But who knows. And I know the down time sucks, I'm dealing with it too. All I want do is build in my PvP World. XD
  6. Yes well. Kindle is away on holiday. He will be back Sunday afternoon. And sadly, we have no way of starting it back up. We are sorry for the wait.
  7. I swear to god, you all act like kids. I mean, I know you are 15 Trevor, but damn. As for those wondering why there is a grief world, it is so the main world can be safe. I'm not saying it works. But why grief and mess crap up in the main world and get in trouble, when you can do what ever you want in the grief world. Its a free for all. Some players like the ability to steal and destroy other's work. That is why we have the option. Its a world for war of sorts. Dont complain.
  8. well, you seem to have figured it out east. On a side note. I am working diligently on the PvP/M Arena. It's coming along. But has many hours until it is done.
  9. Server is back up. We had da refresh, again,(sorry) So every one starts new. Again. WE have added Multi Worlds. The main world is a peaceful one were players can build and work together.Then, near spawn we have portals. 2 at the moment, a grief world and a PvP Arena World. Grief is open, the pvp isnt. Im still building the PvP Arena. More info on that later. Sorry for the problems and thank you for the patience.
  10. Thank you for the back up Nether, and thank you Max, the admins will look into it.
  11. The hole is recent shayd. we are having problems with JERKS messing up the server. As for players not talking to you. They are doing other things, and are distracted. And most of them are wary of new comers. I would have offered you a spot around my house, however,I am tired and stress out for RL reasons, and was distracted by the hole at spawn. So very sorry. But most of the players are nice. :\
  12. Roxox1 has been banned Max, thank you for the info.
  13. Thank you for the info max. we will look into it.
  14. well, one admin is gone for military, kindle isn't on and trevor never seems to be on the forum. :\and DC is aloof.
  15. I already Told you no Max,and said id talk to Kindle about it =-=
  16. No, thats not what i was saying. SO DONT TWIST MY WORDS JORCER! Besides, it was my house too. :\ I asked that Ultranos, because you said you hate the admins on the server, And I am an admin, new one, but still.
  17. Sigh.... THis stuff happens after i become admin. :\ Drama. but its nothing other then pissed off players. so can we leave it at that? I dont think all of this is needed. Ultranos was perma banned on our server and that should be the end of it.
  18. :\ Ultranos! Why would you do that....And kindle didnt nuke your home. You know who it could have been. ;-; And do you really hate me? Sigh....Well, I hope you feel better. Sorry Kindle, let Rage and I know if we can help. We can discuss ways of fixing this later. v.v
  19. I will let him know. But I believe hes sleeping. Hes in the UK, so yeah. Different time zone then me. Lol. As far as plugins go, we are testing some out on our own server, to make sure they work. We will be getting essentials, ect. Note to other players! We apologize for the random crashes. There are some weird issues, and we will be working to figure it out. Also, if anyone has any info on someone messing with spawn, let Rage, Me or Kindle know. Thank you. And sorry the server is down. Kindle is the only one who can restart it as of this point. However, he is sleeping cuss its really late in the UK.
  20. Kindle fixed it. We are discussing a way to fix that. And pluggins. So yeah. :D
  21. Thats good to here! The server crashed today a lil after Kindle left for sleep. :\ so I've gone hours with out playing on it. darn. And everyone has to wait till kindle gets on and sees its off. :\
  22. You had misses Kindle by a bit when u logged on earlier :\
  23. Like dude said. We are 2 of the new admins. if u need anything, ask! and we will see what we can do! :D
  24. Well, if that is the case. ING: csifool (girl, btw, for those who cant figure it out) I would like to be an OP because I believe Minecraft should be a peaceful game where player get along and help each other. I want to help the players that are griefed and to help nether build and such. I was griefed 2 times on this server,and was leaving. But If I can get a spot I would do my best to help and such. I would never grief, raid or steal. And I like the idea of a PVP arena, so players dont have to kill at spawn. or have no reason to. I can be on a lot since I dont start school until January. I am on another server, but it allows raiding and most of my stuff was taken. So I'm a bit annoyed. But as long as Kill Zone is up, I can be on. Thank you for your time.
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