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  1. Sometimes Hexxit decides to start going crazy. I'm experiencing 0 FPS after about 30 minutes of playing. My memory usage when it starts happening is at ~50% allocated memory (47%, 42% and 55% on three different trials), and my total memory usage is at ~75%. I'm pretty sure it's not a memory issue (or maybe it is, I don't know much about computer software). There are also few entities around my place and my render setting is at normal. I'm leaning toward mod conflict, but I'm still not sure.
  2. well it seems that I can use my acct again. Hopefully no one sawmy goodbye message up there.
  3. Hi guys Areo here.. if you came on when I was here, you might have noticed I wasn't getting on tekkit. I'm afraid I got hijacked and I can't use my account anymore. To RC and Anthro, feel free to distribute my stuff among newbies. Thanks for everything
  4. please mute http://puu.sh/1GFpE FUN FACT: That same guy begged for Blazerods and Obsidian not soon after. I threw him a REP (1 hit kill any armor, created using Blaze rods and Obsidian and some other stuff). This happens: http://puu.sh/1GGzd . Next time someone begs you, use those materials to create a weapon and kill him
  5. cmon mods, (we need more mods btw) go to the server more often, spawn is slightly griefed once more (and the areas surrounding it are SEVERELY griefed) i can't fix all this ya know EDIT: Fito_0_0_ has set a few novas around the front of spawn
  6. Fito_0_0_ just griefed a little bit of spawn with lava, please clean up the ones inside spawn EDIT: Server is friggin laggy, the lava took like hours to spread (Also if you see some sponge, that means i might have been there[people might be taking mah sponge DDDDD:])
  7. well i officially do a citizen's declare: Spawn's Temporary Floor is sponge! well i made it so you can now /spawn without dying (unless someone griefs that too)
  8. The server's gone to ruin. There is no hope. Unless you guys fix it up and you should do it ASAP
  9. Nvm, I was actually planning to build a Cane EMC Farm. Anyways, blazerod farms are slower than canes but whatever, if the server is better without canes why not.
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