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  1. So.. it's been a long while since I've been on this site, or looked at this post and its comments. I Noticed that a few people had complained of admin abuse on this server back in the day, I Can neither confirm nor deny this was the case since I Honestly do not remember the incidents, however I Know that I Put far too much load on the admins at the time and relied on them to do the job of administrators without oversight from me, which in hindsight was a mistake. Well.. as for why I Am even posting here, I Want to let anyone who might find this old post that the server is no longer active on the listed IP Address, since I Have moved from rented servers to running it from home, as such the server is also no longer public either and is currently invite-only. I Would delete the post but.. it is a reminder for me of where the server started, the rocky start it had and a reminder for me to not fall back into the same lax habits as I Did back in 2012/2013.
  2. The server is back online!!

  3. me too Apparently sazwigmore detonated some ee bombs that madness made...under my house, and now whenever anyone goes near it the server crashes, I Have a backup that I Am uploading tomorrow
  4. Server should be up by tomorrow GMT, also...if you want a quick reply then message me on deviantART at Emolg.deviantart.com
  5. Oh, also if you want quick feed about the server head on over to my dA: Emolg.deviantart.com

  6. Hey all! Quick notice about my server Technicalcraft, I Had some technical issues here, all fixed now and I Am hoping to have it online ASAP

  7. Servers down, had technical issues, sazwigmore set off some bombs madness made, under my house...and it broke the server, but never fear, I Have a backup! Nearly lost it when my mac broke down, but managed to extract it to my USB Drive and will be re-uploading it, and I Have been too busy to modify the server stuff, should have it all done tomorrow, promise :)
  8. Sorry about that ^^; been having technical issues here, like my comp going bust and nearly losing the world, Hoping to have the server back (Intending really) tomorrow, then I Am going to start constructing a fortress :I Yes, I Am going to build another bad-ass castle!!!... ...eheheheh... hehehehe.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA erh...ya
  9. Hey thanks, I Gave up on railcraft, conflicting with everything, been meaning to get it back up but where my mac (with the world backup) broke I Spent like 24 hours straight trying to get the world backup off of it, I Did eventually, its on my USB I Have been forgetting for the past couple days, I Will get it back up tomorrow I Promise, Also, I Am going to start uploading deviantART journals concerning the server, so if you want details about it check me out there at Emolg.deviantart.com (Currently unrelated journal, but if things start screwing up that is going to be the first port-of call for info on it)
  10. Finally managed to get through to the server hosts, and we are working on it! Hope to have it back up by tomorrow
  11. We don't know when it will be back up, and we don't know what has caused this crash, and our server hosts are being less than helpful...
  12. I Apologise for our silence, but the admins have exams going on and stuff, but we are working on fixing the server. we don't know why it's not working and the server hosts are being less than helpful...
  13. It would help if people didn't make redstone contraptions that use up the server RAM like there is no tomorrow...
  14. I Am sorry for the inconveniences with this, Me, the administrator team and Clanslots (the server hosts) have been working tirelessly for the past few days trying to fix the server.
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