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  1. Sure. Go to www.minecraft.net, create an account and purchase minecraft. With the user name and and password log in in the Technic launcher and start the game. Hope that helps.
  2. They are not working with the IC2 Version of Tekkit. The bug was fixed with IC2 1.9 I think, so it should work with the next Tekkit version.
  3. Browsing through the IC2 Bugforum I've found another bug. Apparently the redstone state will not be saved when a chunk unloads and reloads again. So the reactor will run when the chunk gets loaded again even with a redstone signal. Keep that in mind when you start that casuc reactor to prevent big bada boom ;)
  4. I've found this in the Industrialcraft forum bug section: Nuclear reactors not working Seems like a bug of mcforge. There is also a workaround in that thread, maybe it works for you.
  5. Have you also tried this? If nothing works and you can live without the advanced machines, then you could just disable them.
  6. From the computercraft wiki: "getInput(string side) Returns the current redstone input signal state on side" Have a look at the wiki here.
  7. I guess your server says "A Tekkit Server" because that is in the server.properties file you uploaded. The server they are starting loads that file but not the correct jar file. Are there any jar files in the root directory? If there is something like a "minecraft_server.jar" you could try to rename your tekkit.jar to the name of that jar file and start the server. Also if your provider is not offering java7, then disable the IC2AdvancedMachines mod in the modloader.cfg or you will get errors during startup.
  8. It does not work because you don't read stickies or forum rules or forum titles ... For bugs go to the bug forum, there is a stickie that has the answer (install java7) you are looking for.
  9. Things you could try: Connect the reactor to a mfsu with glass cable. Don't put it next to your reactor, the mfsu can output a redstone signal under certain conditions. Then have a look if it still stops working. If that does not work, then try placing the reactor somewhere else. There was a bug that the reactor won't work properly if it is placed directly on a chunk border if the reactor is in one chunk and a chamber in another chunk. No idea if that was fixed.
  10. Unfortunately there is no configuration option in IC2 to disable those armor sets. All you can do is prevent them from being crafted. There are some Bukkit mods that can do that. I think some are using WorldGuard for that and there should be quite some information about it in this forum.
  11. Open a command line and typt the following in: java -version Does it say Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_xx-xxx)?
  12. Have a look at this post maybe you find your answers in there. There are some tidbits of information in there. And please don't sign your posts, your name is clearly visible on the left side of your posts.
  13. Re: Advanced Machines - No such Item I'm sorry but I have no more ideas then. Maybe you could check the server.log. It should say: [FINE] Mod Loaded: "mod_IC2AdvancedMachines v3.6" when the server starts. Maybe there are some clues in there.
  14. Re: Advanced Machines - No such Item Maybe the BlockID is wrong. Check the AM config file of your server for "blockAdvancedMachine=188".
  15. After reading your log I guess you have placed a buildcraft pipe somewhere next to a condenser. Have a look at this thread to prevent it in the future. I think your only chance to repair your map is to open it with an editing tool and remove the condenser or the pipe. I can't tell you what editing tool to use, have not used them for quite some time.
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