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  1. No response in a few days, that's disappointing. We're at the point now where everyone is running around with full armor that all looks the same. We'd like to differentiate ourselves a bit. We've tried binding the menu to a different key, and I have looked through the server files to see if I could find a way to change it. I couldn't find anything, and the key change did not work.
  2. Hello, first (or second, don't remember) time posting here, so excuse me if I am doing anything wrong. Anyway, I am trying to customize the color and style of my Modular Powersuit armor. When I press the L key to bring up the Cosmetic menu, nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this issue? On a side note, is there a way, client or server, to have the armor default to the simpler version of the armor, instead of the more detailed one? Or, use a model that is flat like vanilla armors?
  3. Considering the fact that you could make a glass floor to look down at Overworld, I'd say space station as well.
  4. Spruce? The reason I had used Oak was BECAUSE they clumped, so I could have more wood for less room (and less harvesters/planters). And no, I am not using biofuel. I am pretty new to this version of Tekkit, previously I primarily used IC2. Right now I have the harvester hooked up to an array of furnaces which turn the wood into charcoal, which is then hooked up to themselves and about 20 Steam Engines to power my two quarries and the other machines (including the harvester/planter). I usually have too much power than I know what to do with, but that's usually when I get an inventory full of Jungle wood and stick it in my furnace array. I am only now trying to see how good this Harvester does. What is the approximate size that Harvester doesn't behave oddly? I might want to shrink it and use multiple.
  5. I created a Harvester (and Planter) that has a 11 radius upgrade. Currently, I have the pair set up to plant and harvest Oak. However, the Harvester sometimes, even with maximum power, and trees to harvest, just stops, and continues later randomly, as if in waves. Is this normal, or is this because I had not pumped out the Sludge?
  6. Stupid, stupid me. I forgot about pages! Nevermind...
  7. For awhile now I have been using the Mystcraft part of Tekkit. I have always been able to copy pages using the writing desk by right clicking the page on the left then picking it up on the right to put into my inventory. Today, while in the middle of writing a book, I stopped being able to copy pages. I tried breaking and replacing the table, and that didn't work. I tried resetting, and that didn't work. I tried relaunching the server, and that didn't work. I tried putting in and taking out some ink, and that didn't work. Am I missing something?
  8. Alright, that makes sense. What was this high ID ore supposed to be, though? Thanks, I probably will.
  9. I figured so, but I can't confirm it anywhere on the internet. I knew about the redstone, but do both Steam and Magmatic engines need water?
  10. Are they compatible with Buildcraft engines, or would it be better to use the other MJ-producing engines?
  11. Alright, I have been having this issue where my Stirling Engines quit pumping power to my Redstone Energy Cell for no good reason and power "builds up" within the pipeline. If I wanted to get it working again to power my Quarry, Pulverizer, and Furnace, I'd have to delete and replace the pipes and then the energy would flow as normal. So, I figured this was all due to my complex array of piping, and invested in some Phased Conductive Piping. I have used these before in the past, and they've worked, but they aren't working now. Right now I have 2 sets of 3 Stirling Engines with a Redstone Energy Cell in the center, which then has a Wooden Conductive Pipe connected to a Gold then a Phased one, set on Send Only and freq 5. Then, on each of my 3 devices, I placed a Gold Pipe and then a Phased Pipe, each set to the same freq and Send & Receive. Thinking that this wasn't right (since they weren't working) I tried putting a Wooden pipe between the output Phased and the Gold ones; this did not work either. Is the Redstone Energy Cell not compatible with Phased Piping, or am I doing something wrong? Or, if you know a solution to my first problem, what would that be? For simplicity, here is a rough diagram of my setup: Stirling>Wooden>Gold--------Gold<Wooden<Stirling ---------------------V-----------V Stirling>Wooden>Gold--------Gold<Wooden<Stirling ---------------------V-----------V Stirling>Wooden>Gold>Gold<Gold<Wooden<Stirling ---------------------------V --------------------------Cell ---------------------------V ------------------------Wooden ---------------------------V -------------------------Gold ---------------------------V --------------------Phased Send Only THEN ELSEWHERE IN 3 PLACES Phased Send&Receive>Gold>Device OR Phased Send&Receive>Wooden>Gold>Device (neither of which worked)
  12. I created only a couple of days ago, so I doubt it is that.
  13. Yes; however, I did this after rendering the area, if that makes a difference. All I had done was place a schematic down near the spawn area.
  14. The nearest items to Activator Rail's block ID would be Bookstand, Black Decay, Crystal, Link Portal, and Book Receptacle, followed by Unraveled Fabric and Fabric of Reality. So, is it Mystcraft? Is there some sort of Crystal Ore? Unfortunately, Dropper falls between Activator Rail and any mod items, so Dropper could have taken the place of another mod item, and possibly even ones before Activator Rail (the Quartz materials).
  15. Well, here is an image of the rails. In the back left you can see one more. I tried finding some with ore nearby, but I couldn't. If I run across any more, I will post a screenshot if they are near other ore.