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  1. Already miss you guys... none of the tekkit servers I played on were as fun. Q.Q Almost every item is banned, mods go trigger happy, griefers EVERYWHERE... But I also don't wanna keep pissing you guys off. Anyway I can make you guys not question every move I make? I'll do ALMOST (I still have a line.) anything to get back on. If me getting Gem Armor to quickly caused the problem, I'll completely stay away from all EE. Although out of fear I might leave whenever I notice Kitten is on... :V
  2. Second time was Kitten and Beastly... Mostly Kitten, and I don't really want to go through answering the same question 50 times only for it to be misunderstood as me keeping all the stuff I had from BEFORE the world and player info was wiped. Oh and quick question, when you deleted my house and inventory for the whole reset thing, did you delete the stuff in my alchemy bag? Because when I made a new one all the items I put in there were still there, which led to me quickly getting everything back, and Kitten spending like 2 days asking me how I got all the stuff so quickly again. If you did, SOMETHING is seriously wrong here.
  3. Hey RTiger, FantasyChef, Chicken, Junky, and Azn. Probably not gonna play on this server again. I still have all my chests and condensers unlocked if you wanna use 'em. But if Silli says that they're duplicated and he wants/needs/required/whatever to delete them, then sorry for that. Chef I guess you can take over the EE mod. Azn if you want to join the group RailCraft would then be open I guess. And Silli I'm still saying that I didn't hack or duplicate, but you, Cheech, Albanian, AND Kitten believe I did, and since your all Mod or higher, it's your call, and I guess I did get the items a little to fast to seem legit... I can only handle starting from scratch so many times... :L. That's about it, sorry again you guys for pulling you all together for pretty much no really good reason at all and then just leaving. Also sorry for all this spam... last few said it pretty much, Error: -Won't load for whatever reason-, posted anyways somehow.
  4. It says I'm missing some mods and won't let me join: ComputerCraft CCTurtle IC2 RailCraft I never touched what mods were and were not in my game, how are these missing and how can I get them back on?
  5. went to play a non whitelist server, got killed in my own faction land several dozen times in a row... makes me wanna get whitelisted here even more.
  6. I don't mind waiting if it means less giant holes at spawn, griefers, and overpowered jerks.
  7. IGN: XenoFlouride Any Bans on record?: None, nadda, zero, nope If so, why?: Refer to above question. :D
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