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  1. i took an mfr portaspawner found a couple in dungeons when i was exploring, then took the spawners i collected and build a 5x5x5 room and put a grinder in, set the spawners in there on the roof so it gives 25 blocks to spawn on and i simply waited with me being close, i filled tanks very fast and since it only works when you are near it saves on power consumption but remember to setup an ender chest or some way to route out your item gains, i prefer to use zombie or skellies, due to the rotten flesh can be used in the auto feeder in the mps and the bones can be used for bonemeal
  2. my biggest questions were thaumcraft, forestry, mo creatures, and optifine. but reading on here i already got forestry and optifine to work, still trying to figure out the mo creatures issue and thaum, but we are gettin it
  3. so classic is basically what the name sounds like, a stable running version that was a good version and stayed at that vers?
  4. hey guys it has been several months since i have been on this forum so please forgive me, me and a couple friends have restarted a server and we have been watching some vids online and were wondering, what is the biggest difference between tekkit lite and classic and also another question would be is it possible to add in thaumcraft, and mo creatures to the game and to our server as well, if this has already been discussed please forgive me and possibly direct me to the proper threads but thanks again for reading this and hopefully we can gain the best experience possible from this pack...
  5. recently me and my server group found a weird occurence in the server, its a row of maybe 8 or 9 chunks in our world that are just not there i am posting images to show everyone http://imgur.com/a/58Fd0#0 any ideas would be great, and yes falling into the hole results in void damage
  6. thanks for the reply so quick, now my guys can use the teleporters again
  7. hey guys i have an issue with quarries on the server, when people are online in the server the quarries work fine, but as soon as no one is online they ignore the middle chunks and just do the outer edge, now we have bedrock in the outer edge and a few chunk islands in the center, i have to reset the landmarks and reset the quarry each time i log in now because the quarry thinks it is done, is there a way to get it to see these chunks when no one is online? we have tried chunk loaders but they do nothing
  8. hey guys was wondering, lately me and my group have got to the point where we can use the teleporters and jetpacks, boots, all the stuff that gives creative skills but not being creative, here is my question, anytime we use the jetpacks or teleporter we are kicked from the server due to "flying being disabled" or something along those lines, i was wondering, even with white list my people are still being kicked, is there a way to disable the auto boot function completely?
  9. i have come across this issue before, do you and your roommate both use the same router? even if you port forward and do all the other things the people above have mentioned, your router has a single external ip even with seperate computers... if his is the one that works then his computer is considered the main computer, u may not be able to setup a server because his is already using the external ip
  10. u said that you have chat manager and your configs mix up with the chat log that may be your problem
  11. is there a way that i can take a pump making lava, connect that to an array that puts the lava from a tank to a bucket then transport it using an ender chest, then take the lava buckets pump them out and add the lava back to another tank, i know i need a deployer but i am not sure what else i need... any help?
  12. from what i read it was changed purposely, because servers run when people are not online, it was a balance issue
  13. hey guys i was just wondering, on my server i have a few OP's that i opped for the purpose of using the teleport feature and other small things like checking the time and such, this is my question, i tried to disable nei spawning, we only want to use it as a recipe book but for some reason it still allows spawning, i noticed on the server info pane that some people have spawned stuff while alone on the server, my goal is to make a 100% legit no spawning server but other than removing NEI altogether i am at a bit of a loss
  14. i am not being a bag of dicks i am simply asking what is going on? because i do not deserve this treatment, been on here a while and over some bs i get hellen kellered without any purpose to why, so what if i missed a post, i am not going to search this entire website and through thousands of posts in the forums, i went to the part of the website that is supposed to have the information for what i asked for and there was nothing there other than a mod list, so ya i am causing an uproar... oh well, i want answers, me being hellen kellered is uncalled for and i deserve some respect as i have given everyone else on this site
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