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  1. weapon3600

    nether reactor?

    Thanks friend. I thought the former commenter was merely being condescending and such. But apparently it's in the rule book. Oops.
  2. weapon3600

    nether reactor?

    Well, A) you'd have an actual use for all that gold you wouldn't have to go to the nether to acquire glowstone dust And C) It looks pretty cool. Also, I'll sign whatever I want to sign. -Weapon
  3. weapon3600

    nether reactor?

    Will someone make a mod so that I can build a nether reactor? Really all I need is the core itself. This item is in minecraft pocket ed, and it basically creates an obsidian dome in which zombie pigmen spawn and drop goods. The core itself is made using 3 diamond and 2 iron, and is built using four blocks of gold(36 ingots required), which would finally give us a use for all that gold. If you know of a mod that can do this please let me know. -Weapon