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  1. Added to the whitelist, please send an application here as well: http://www.letuxcraft.com for the permissions to access the clan website.
  2. LetuxCraft 24/7 - mc.letuxcraft.com LetuxCraft is a yogcast-type SURVIVAL tekkit server, with PVP enabled but not recommended, without griefing and/or donation perks. We also do not spawn items. Rules: We are not very enforcing server, but there are some basic rules that will make the game more enjoyable for everyone: -Absolutely no griefing. -Act mature and be nice to each other. -No 'hacking'. -No 'stealing'. -No exploiting or duplication. Griefing? Every single block placed and destroyed are logged. That enables us to rollback your griefing (without affecting anybody else!) and seek out whoever did it in the first place. If you get griefed or something related happens, contact LethalScience or luxs3. We also do not reset the world every other day. If someday something terrible happens, you can ask me and I might give you the server's world file. Plugins? We have the basic plugins covering anti-grief, home-managment and a dynamic map that's viewable with a browser. If have any recommendations or ideas about plugins, don't hesitate to contact me! The server? Is running on dedicated hardware, with plenty of memory and CPU power, located in France. 24/7. Item bans? More information here. How do I apply? Step 1: For the official part, we ask you kindly to reply to this thread with at least your IGN and why you want to join. Step 2: Please follow this link: "http://letuxcraft.com/recruitment" and fill out the application form. Step 3: Wait. After you have done both steps above we will consider your application and reply here. How to connect: You need to download the Technic Launcher from the following address: http://www.technicpack.net/download/. Then you have to select tekkit from the list on the left upper corner. You also have to select the right version by pressing "Options" on the Technic Launcher, selecting "Manual build selection" and choosing "3.1.2" from the list. Server is running 3.1.2 - The current recommended build. IP: mc.letuxcraft.com (If the domain isn't working, use: See you there!
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