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  1. Okay,. sorry if this thread was bad, although I wont be staying quiet next time I see one of the more outspoken anti-teckkit people start to speak up.
  2. @SimpleGuy I just dont get the kind of doublethink that needs, it's not okay to ask one set of developers for permission. but you can grab this stuff fine because it's more popular, all the time having a go about another modpack for doing that.
  3. Excuse me, how is this BS? DID they actually get permissions from valve to use Portal 2 assets?
  4. No, I was just kinda curious, and a bit annoyed to be honest, about it, All I hear is "Feed the beast is the modpack that is LEGAL" then i see this, and it is like, what?
  5. Why are they so gung ho about getting mod creator's permissions, when one of their mods uses valve's assets? http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/14afao/wow_this_is_brilliant/
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