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  1. I tried doing it myself without direction. The first time I screwed up everything somehow (using Fireworks), the second time nothing happened at all(using Photoshop). Stringburka: I will go looking for the guides you mentioned. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey all, I just started using the Soartex Fanver Legacy texture pack with Tekkit and really love the look of it. I'm having one problem though: due to my red-green colorblindness, I can't easily tell the difference between iron and copper. I'm sure they look totally different to most people but to me they are just way too close, especially in low light. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to adjust iron so it has more of a silver appearance, to make it totally distinct from the copper? I've also seen that there is a site where I can customize packs, but since that is directed at vanilla MC, which doesn't have copper, I'm not sure it'd work. Thanks!
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