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  1. the stupid thing really would be to assume in this situation, champ irrelevant
  2. mmm pretentiousness is ripe amongst technic forums
  3. i am more internet than you'll ever be; gwill.
  4. good job internet! still, the wiki is intentionally vague. maybe i was too vague? maybe you could've answered the questions i asked directly or also share your experiences as this is what forums are for. pretty much all the wiki says is, 'anything can be used' ... which is still not what i am asking.
  5. wow, 90 views and none of you have done research in yogbox?
  6. i could probably just as easily ask this kinda stuff on the forums but seeing as how it was yogbox/launcher that got me down with this stuff; HERE WE ARE. so researching with the compendium. pretty much the whole deal i guess is: anything in the game(though, artifacts being the best) > fragments of lost knowledge > theories(profit?) when i opened my first obelisk it was pretty dandy as it had a void interface which i used to raid a ton of other interfaced chests. bottom line? i had alotta stuff to research... buttt apparently there's a god and he hates me as all i seem to get is void chests. YES I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO CRAFT THEM. I UNDERSTAND. so does that mean there's only a few things that each fragment of (blah) knowledge can get you and you research other items for... other things(crystals for crystaliser?) or is it pretty much just everything turns into fragments and then it's random from there on out?