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  1. I use MCPC+. I have tried bukkitforge. It's good but I prefer MCPC+. It should run on 1GB. You may not be able to have many players on at one time. Maybe 5-10.
  2. We had to remove dimensional doors. They cause far too much lag for the server to handle it. Sorry!
  3. Our website : http://www.HexxitNoodle.com/ Hexxit Server Listing : http://www.hexxitserverlist.com/ Our server ip : Play.HexxitNoodle.com HexxitNoodle is the latest server brought to you by one of the best Tekkit servers out there called "TekkitNoodle". HexxitNoodle is running on the Hexxit 1.0.1 pack. The Hexxit mod pack is a lot harder then any other mod pack that i have played. HexxitNoodle allows you to raid and PvP to your hearts content without any worry of getting banned. We currently don't have any banned items due to we don't know what to expect from Hexxit currently.
  4. We were doing some server work. It's all up and running now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. I would just delete your entire computercraft folder. Unless you would like to sit and go through each folder to try and find the crash script. The folder is located in /world/computercraft
  6. I found this problem. I deleted the nether world folder. Then restarted the server with the netherore.jar in again. Seemed to do the trick for me!
  7. It's the computercraft crash script.
  8. Patched some dupes. Also, EMC in blaze rods have been adjusted.
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