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  1. whitelisted: dman100000, pigsinblankets, KaosC57, blake11132
  2. Medievalsoli, AdelRazh, Keeshi, Likeabrohah, Mar1Fox Whitelisted!! enjoy!
  3. We are running 3.1.2 Its is the latest Recommend build IP: Owner(s): Ginixx, Bigdallus, Qrog Hello, Im am Ginixx and welcome to Tekkit Generation. We are a new server that just started. We're looking for people to come and join us. It doesn't matter where you come from but we do like people who are able to speak and write english. And are a little mature. Also feel free to build anywhere what isn't taken yet. We have a forum!: http://tekkitgeneration.freeforums.org/ We do have some ite
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