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  1. by the way MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  2. i have a lever powering the pump
  3. how do you make fluid pipes work i have them hooked up to the green pump have that power facing right direction but nothing coming out of the grate
  4. hey any one know which download u get from the BDpure website for sphax i used one and it caused me not being able to go on techinc or tekkit without restarting them and still dosent work
  5. cptpill257

    solar help

    Hi how do u take power from solar pannels then send them to a electric furnace and power it im useing a batbox and transformer
  6. wait just found out useing 1.2.5 version updating now hope this works
  7. how do i get to the bug forum?
  8. bluexephos or yogscast tekkit is my favortie love the yogscast on part 73 now oh wait dint see before lewis and smion sry look up tekkit in youtube
  9. hi my tekkit and techinc wont open only gets as far as the Monjang screen before it freezes ever since i accidentally downloaded a fasle texture pack plz help i dont know what to do and i want to get back on tekkit!
  10. Hi my Tekkit and Techinc wouldn't open it only gets as far as the monjang screen before it freezes ever scine i downloaded a false texture pack plz help i wont to get back on tekkit