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  1. Sure, you are all accepted, sorry for the downtime tho. Im fixing the Internet, as my naighbor is draining our internet,
  2. We are a basic Tekkit server with no Complications. We can include plugins, only after a vote. What we offer: - Nothing banned - Nothing removed - No game changing plugins - Straight up support How to join: [Name] [Age] [skype] [Why do you want to join] [MC username] IP: Online Times: - We are not 24/7 but we try to be online as much as possible. - We open the servers if a player requests (On Skype) - If i'm not Online then just wait it out. I might have a Internet outage or am at School. - On at weekends 24hr
  3. I decided to make a Voltz server. Im running it with 4 GB and i want some community! (We currently have 2 Players + Me) I dont want immature players that complain about their base getting blown up. . Here's how the forms should go: Example: - Age: 14 - Name: Martin - Experience: 1 YR with MC and 2 Weeks with Voltz - Skype: Yes, Russiandew | No IP: ** Tell me your MC name in Skype or if you dont have it, add you'r name in the form! ** Skype: Russiandew E-Mail: [email protected]
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