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  1. hi there, does anyone know how to use the custom world gen comfig in the cohf folder? i want to add quartz block veins but i don t know how to code that well
  2. give cody some time his servers went down for a time but they should be back up. still an amazing server cody
  3. hi there is there any chance that traincraft could be added to this mod pack by hand or are there to many id errors?
  4. hi there each time i try to join your server through the technic launcher i get a set if item id conflicts which prevent me form joining. as far as i know i am running the latest build of business elite. the item ids are as follows 2003,2004,2011,2008,2009,2012 thank you for your time
  5. user name: infinus5 age: 18 why tekkitopia? I am an industrious builder and want to find a nice calm and stable server to play. i ve heard very good things from other people about your server and would very much like the opportunity to explore it. thank you for your time. my secret code: 8inf
  6. have to say codys one of the best server hosts in ages his servers have well meaning hard working admins thanks cody for your servers
  7. plenty of long lost faction bases to raid and explore the vast unchanged map
  8. soon we will be having a TerraFirma Craft server up :D some minor bugs need to be ironed out but it should be awesome :D
  9. NTG is an excellent server for experienced players that just want to have fun and build while still having the challenge of protecting your land from your enemies
  10. some item bans seem odd to me and others, though this is probably due to lag issues other than a couple minor issues this servers one of the best that i ve found
  11. love the server, its well run and has fairly good admins i recommend it to experienced players
  12. ok sorry i don t understand the code thing. i will try again later and hopefully get it right
  13. why was i denied ? if you have to many people i would understand but i think i meet all your criteria.
  14. username: infinus5 age: 18 why tekkitopia? my old server has become unstable and i wanted a good clean building environment without the annoying spammers and hackers that i had to deal with on my old server. i want a friendly, quite place to build and meet new people. your secret code: 9ger
  15. the reaso n the servers down at the moment is were being ddossed into oblivion so please give some time while we try and get everything figured out
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