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  1. I would like to be un-whitelisted. Kinda obvious this server has a few problems. But I'll return some other time. Minus well let some one else play if I'm not gonna.
  2. Most recent Sphax tekkit texture pack. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/64x-sphax-purebdcraft-tekkit-3-1-technic-7-2-balkoons-weapons.910/
  3. Age: 16 IGN: iSkism Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: I have never been banned for any sort of server. Vanilla or Tekkit. Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences): I have been playing tekkit for about 5 months and I think I have a good understanding of how it works. I can also contribute a lot to the server. I have quite a good eye for what looks good and what doesn't so I will do my best to not build unappealing stuff. I am able to get going very fast. I have no need for asking people for minerals. Why should we accept y
  4. IGN: iSkism Reason for wanting to join: I like tekkit and I want to expand my horizons on a friendly server. Experience: 8-9 months Magic or Science: Magic all the way.
  5. IGN- iSkism TIMEZONE- EST AGE- 16 EXPERIENCE- 8 Months REASON TO JOIN- Last tekkit server I was one was full of spammers. I am looking for a good server. Yours caught my eye.
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