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  1. Minecraft username madmanmorter What playstyle do you prefer? (Building, PVP, Faction Warfare, Exploration, etc.) building,Exploration ,Faction warfare when it has to come to it Tell us about yourself 12-13 male haven't explored much of the new tekkit and i wanted to find a server that i could learn about it without fear of being killed by other players instantly thats why i want to join the server
  2. felling sorry for the people in conn.

  3. IGN: madmanmorter age:12 reason:trying to find a nice tekkit server read the rules: yes tekkit exp: 1-2 weeks
  4. IGN: madmanmorter reason: looking for small tekkit server to just play on and to tryout tekkit experience: about 1-2 weeks of game play Magic or science: don't know much about either but want to use EE more
  5. is there one other than the one that comes with the lancher
  6. there profile pic changed

  7. trying to figre out how to cange profile pic

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