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  1. Age:16 IGN: ninovonito123 Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: No, I have never been banned.Every time I join a server I always follow its rules. Why do you think you should join this server : I think I should join this server because I will help anyone who does not know what they are doing.Another reason why I should join this server is because I have been getting very good at tekkit. I also have been looking all over the tekkit servers to find a server like yours. The other servers have specific rules like do not give items to anyone. Which I hate because I am the kind of person that if I have anything extra (diamonds, swiftwolf's rendering gale,and tools/weapons) I do not like to keep.The final reason is that I am a hardcore minecraft/tekkit player. Why should we except you to this server : I am a great and funny minecraft player, so if someone is feeling down I can just cheer them up with a joke or present.My tekkit skills are getting better and better every time I play (which is about everyday).It does not take me long to get expensive things like red matter or a power flower etc, etc.I also have spent about 30 minutes so far trying to perfect this, so I will be accepted to the server.Tekkit is a big part of my life and I would really like to be in a server like this, so hopefully you accept me. Have you read and studied the rules:Yes, I have read all the rules and I understand my responsibilities. What will you do for the server : I shall make all the new players who join the servers feel welcome.I also shall do you guys anything you guys want like if you guys need a new spawn I will do it.I have also helped other servers catch griefers or violators who do not follow the rules.Nobody has ever gotten away with griefing in a server that does not allow griefing.If I am allowed I also shall make a starter pack for beginners.
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