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  1. Place Holder for a change Log! January 6/2013 -Fixed a number of bugs -Fixed read out error -Fix server lag- -First Free Expansion is now under construction and will be put on the server in time for the summer! More details will be given out in the next few weeks! December 27/2012 -Lag should be fixed -Spawn will no longer kill you -Some bug fixes where you would die on log on (should be fixed) -Video Card Removed from hosting PC (What was making the lag)
  2. Welcome to The Equestria Alliance Minecraft Server! Server I.P Address will be given to whoever is signed on the Servers Public Forums, you will have access to the hidden board that contains the servers IP!!! if you don't wish to sign up of the forums it will take you longer to be listed on the server! Allowing Applications At This Time! Please Note the IP Change!!!! We are no longer using a no-ip address its not a ip address the forums has been updated! Information - Will be hosted on Server Forums! This server is LIVE, meaning that it is on for 24/7 and has been p
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