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  1. IGN:MondayMoon Age: 21 Skype: Tony Milian How long will you spend on a day- 2-3 hours Reason for wanting to join- to play with people on a small server and be helpful. Favorite Build- Roller Coaster going through giant statues with rooms inside them (creative) A little about yourself- I like to build and to be in friendly servers that there are always people to help and I like to play minecraft. It is my favorite game. I would like to help build things and I am a person you would like to play with.
  2. IGN: MondayMoon AGE:Don't want to tell the public TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: I am very friendly and hardworking.I would like to help build things and to other things. I enjoy a good tekkit server and would like to join. TIMEZONE:WST EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY:I said a bad word on a server TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: I have been playing since the summer of 2012
  3. Will join any server!

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