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  1. Server has been through a little trouble lately, the owner has problems with his computer so if the server seems to be constantly crashing note that we have little control over it. Thanks.
  2. All the info about the server as it happens is there, so if you join the server it's important that you register. Thanks.
  3. Updated. The eye is now banned and the amulets are removed from the list, sorry for the confusion.
  4. DC-Tekkit is a friendly and helpful server to be a part of. Our goal is to have as little items banned so it doesn't ruin your fun! We are decently quiet so don't worry about the server being full. Even though the server is PVP, you keep your items upon death so don't worry about loosing your things Banned items Nova Catalysts - Griefing World Anchors - Lag (Available to Donators) Watch of Flowing Time - Lag Alchemical Tome - The ability to obtain banned items Ring of Arcana - Too OP (Available to Donators) Mercurial Eye - Griefing Gem Armour - (Causes server crashes) (There might be some others but they would be small features/abilities) And that's it! Staff Owner x2 Head-Admin Admin x2 Head-Moderator Moderator x6 [Applications for Moderator are closed until further notice] Donator Ranks Donator = £5 Donator+ = £10 Donator++ = £15 Extreme Donator = £25 King Donator = £100 For information on what they grant you, look on the server /warp donate + Don't forget to view our forums! http://www.dc-tekkit.get-sourced.com/ Spawn Town Here's some images of our spawn: Ariel View of Spawn Nuclear Power Plant Wal-Mart (Sign Shop Inside) An Admins Factory Ariel View of the PVP Colosseum (Equipped with a Force Field) And many more, we are constantly building. Plugin List (Note this might not be every single one) Tekkit (Of course) Factions (This is only for protection from grief, so make sure you claim your land. Donating will grant you more faction power too) Log block World guard World edit Lag clear maxTPS Supply Sign Essentials Rules The rules are pretty basic. You can: [1] - Swear (Not directly at players + To a minimum) [2] - Yell at griefers [3] - PVP In self defense [4] - Always respect staff and players You can't: [1] - Claim others land (Factions) [2] - Make lag machines [3] - Grief [4] - Troll [5] - Steal [6] - Spam the chat [7] - Talking in all caps [8] - Purposely killing others [9] - No hacking [10] - No duping or using bugs [11] - No advertising These will eventually become a bannable offense if you are to disobey them too much. We hate banning people but if it's necessary we will do so. Some things will get you banned straight away, but others such as rule 6 will go from mute, kick then ban. If you ever get banned there is an ban appeal section on our forums if you think either it was a mistake or you can make it up to us. If you ever get griefed, log block will detect it and we will ban them. We can also rollback so the grief can be undone. We try our best to keep as many items unbanned but it's hard considering EE avoids most protections. IP: dc-tekkit.us.to:25568 We hope you join and have fun. Any problems look for staff on the server or on the forums. Also, please bring your friends! Thank you! -DC-Tekkit Staff Team