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  1. ohh please make sure it works with 1.4.6 the server updates soon to this
  2. other thing: the crafting reciep must be easy. every player must craft it as additional thing to a factory so: not rare stuff like diamonds please :)
  3. hmmm maybe its that one way.: it loads off and the player can click it like a button or leaver to turn it on.when the chunk unloads it reset to off state or it scans every 10 minuets that the player is near.
  4. Neowulf thats a realy good idea and now i need everyone for create a mod with this idea :)
  5. @ GreenWolf: I know what you mean . Hmm maybe it works with ID's like the Timer (RP2) when this is unloaded the most factorys shut down except the owner is there.
  6. @ Blaze: not for security its for more Server resources. And less lagg
  7. @ theprolo: sure minecraft unload chunks but it load it any time when a player is near. I search an mod that only load the chunk of a area like a factory when the owner is in the factory or near to it.
  8. Hello, i search a modder (or a mod) for an reversed world anchor for smp. these special world anchor must keep specific ID's, like machines, unloaded except its owner is near to it. it must also be possible to add or remove player as owner to this anchor and change the size of the unloaded area and the ID's there are unloaded. Thanks and sorry for my bad english :D