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  1. So my exact problem is also this, and since I'd rather not create clutter by posting another topic with the exact same problem, I'll just ask my question here. What do you mean by waiting a while or updating the version number? I've just recently downloaded Technic on a new computer (had it on an older one) and this is the first time I've ever seen this issue. Official Modpacks download and run perfectly fine for me, but anything from the community breaks down with this exact error.
  2. ^^; Well, if you read the list I posted you would have noticed I already have Biomes o Plenty, and had mentioned that I didnt want any techy mods just like Galacticract. As from Archimedes, its alright. It didnt really keep my attention as an interesting mod.
  3. I do remember that one from the old versions of tekkit. I'll give it a look over again and see if its updated since then.
  4. Hello good folks! As the topic says, I'm throwing together a modpack and was wondering if anyone out there had some good suggestions to add to the growing pile. So far I've added: -Running Minecraft 1.6.4, so offer mods for this build in mind. -Ars Magica 2 -Artifice -Backpacks -Battle Towers -Bibliocraft -Biomes o Plenty -Damage Indicators -Dynamic Lighting -Enchanting Plus -Enderstorage -Furniture -Inventory Tweaks -Iron Chests -NEI -Portal Gun -Rei's Minimap -Roguelike Dungeons -Tinker's Construct -Thaumcraft 4 -Treecapitator What's Been Added (As of 3/11/14): -Balkon's Weapon Mod -Mystcraft -Natura -Pam's HarvestCraft -Thaumic Tinkerer Pending Mods: -Mo' Creatures and Minecraft Comes Alive (Sadly, these two conflict with each other and I do like them both.) As you can probably see what the theme is, I'm largely going for an adventury setup with magics and swords and whatnot (Plus some other things for manners of convenience like Artifice for easy Steel and Portal Gun for transportation). I've also toyed around with many of the original modpacks in the Technic launcher so if I've not listed any of those here its most likely because I've decided to just not use them. Feel free to suggest them if you want, odds are I probably forgot some during the creation of this pack. So like I said, what I'm largely looking for in suggestions are along the lines of craftable armors/weapons, mobs, world generation, foods and recipies and possibly extra dimensions. I'm not looking for techy stuff like what most of Tekkit and Voltz offers, kinda burned out on that stuff at the moment and looking for something a bit simpler in design. Links are appreciated but not necessary, so long as you give an accurate name of the mod that can be easily Googled. And any suggestions are appreciated, thank you in advance!
  5. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Java Version: Version 7, Update 9 (1.7.0_0.9-b05) Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: This is not technically a real bug or problem, but a nuissance really. I am playing on a new computer that the launcher only allows me to allocate 1.5 MB to the game while on an older, far inferior, computer was capable of allocating up to 6 or 8 MB. This severe cap on the allowance keeps me from doing anything substantial and causes the game to crash when anything enormous occurs. I can vouch that the space on this computer exceeds what I originally had and should be capable of allocating the 6 or 8 MB space my old computer allowed. Is there any other reason this may be occuring and is there any fix that doesn't require me redownloading the launcher? Error Messages: Error Log: