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    Hmm. A more challenging version of EE with particle collider could utilize magnets to create new elements. Later on I'll post a thread detailing my concept of a much more advanced system of minerals and elements that could take the place of energy condenser, which are being removed
  2. panther!


    I don't know much about railcraft but I bet some rails could be made using the principle of magnets, as well as a handheld magnet that would help when mining. There could also be lodestone ore (very rare and high emc) which would act in the same way but not require power.
  3. Boat for land/cart that doesn't need tracks. Seems like a good idea.
  4. panther!


    Simple idea, (probably not easy to code though). Iron block+copper cable (For more powerful ones, crafted with better cables, and needing more energy)= magnet (better cabled ones= mk 1,2,3). Magnets attract metal dusts, and bars towards them. Magnets could also be used as future building materials for more advanced machines. I=Iron block C=Copper Cable IC