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  1. Voxzie Tekkit! Spawn IP= Uptime=24/7 Description Voxzie Tekkit is a Greifing/Raiding/PVP server,It was started by two friends (Mikey&Jared)...Our server has as little banned items as possible along with a helpful and friendly staff to make for the best Tekkit experience. Server Info SSD 4GB Ram Rules 1. No Spamming 2. No Hacking 3. No Duping 4. Be Respectful 5. Do Not Ask For OP Or Rank 6. Use Common Sense ========================== Banned Items Destruction Catalyst(Spawn Greifing) Block Breaker(duping) Tank Cart(Duping) Zero Ring(Usage Banned)(Griefing) Evertide Amulet(Usage Banned)(Griefing) Volcanite Amulet(Usage Banned)(Griefing) Ring of ignition(Usage Banned)(Griefing) Ring of Arcana(Usage Banned)(Griefing) Forcefields Catalytic Lens Black Hole Band Void Ring Mercurial Eye Watch of Flowing Time Volcanite Amulet Cannon Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Dimensional Anchor Tank Cart Igniter Anchor Cart Feed Station Tunnel Bore The Tunnel Bore Project Table Work Cart Frame Motor ========================== Plug-ins Essentials TekkitRestrict TekkitCustomizer DisableCraft ClearLagg WorldEdit WorldGuard
  2. If you guys want a new server to play on go here pretty much the same as this one..
  3. Can you guys PLEASE put an anti-dupe plugin on....everybody just dupes everything...
  4. it came back up at 11:45 and ive been playing on it....it lagged out and they were still working on it i think..
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