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  1. Well, not so much. Changing scripts did nothing, and even deleting Minetweaker entirely did nothing. Any other ideas?
  2. Basically. I want to be able to craft the dynamos from Thermal Expansion. How do I re-enable the crafting recipes? Is there a config I can change or a mod I can remove?
  3. Thanks, I should have guessed about the redstone. Still, I'm quite curious about the FPS drop. At the moment I'm just using a crystal bow, but I like the necrotic and self-repairing capabilities of the Construct ones.
  4. I'm having a bit of trouble with the bows from Tinker's Construct. Just holding one reduces my FPS by half. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, does anyone know how to make them draw faster? I assume that it's in a thing you add, but there's nothing in the books about it.
  5. Ok, I'll look into the ones that spawn over oceans. I know about the DDoors traps, I had a bit of an explore in my game, and I lived in a system of Dimensions in my BigDig world. Do the shrouded and silent plates spawn as part of a dungeon, or are they just for players to build with?
  6. I keep seeing people commenting about booby-trapped dungeons, and there are all the shrouded and silent pressure plates and in the Redstone tab. I've not seen any of these in any dungeon, or any Redstone traps at all. Am I missing something?
  7. Does anyone know how to change the ores back to default spawning? I guess it has something to do with a .config file, but I'm not sure. Currently, it's pretty much cheating a bit too much.