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  1. Nice Server, No Lag. The staff seem to be genuinely interested in the community and players. Would recommend!
  2. Coming Very Soon. Ill take some without members first, hope you enjoy :3
  3. TechnoRaid - 3.1.2 - Factions! Website: http://www.technoraid.net Minecraft IP: play.technoraid.net 36 slots THE PLUGINS: McMMO, Factions, SilkSpawner, WorldGuard, BbySpawner, VoteSQL, HawkEye, Pex, RandomLocation WHAT'S DISABLED: Equivalent Exchange is Completely Disabled! (This may change is EE3 is more balanced!) Other than this there are only 5 banned items and 1 banned group! Items: Igniter (Bypasses factions), Dimensional Anchor (Lag), Tunnel Bore (Bypasses factions), Tank Cart (Dupe), Frame Motor (Bypass
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