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  1. Hello I've just recently set up a new tekkit server and I'm attempting to install the worldedit gui to make using worldedit easier. However every guide I've found has not worked propperly. I've tried using the latest version, ziping just the files, and dropping them in the tekkitmain/mod folder, I've tried using 1.2.5 and doing the same. Tried unzipping them into the modpack.jar. Everything I've tried either causes a game crash, an error (the grey square with the error box in the middle on the MC screen) or the game loads fine but doesn't load the CUI mod. Has anyone gotten worldedit gui to work properly with tekkit (not classic or lite, tekkitmain)?
  2. Hello, I just started running a new tekkit server, using version 1.06 of tekkit server. I followed instructions in this thread http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/installing-bukkit-plugins.44912/#post-368342 and downloaded the mcpc-plus-151compat-1.5.2-R0.2-forge702-c436.jar to try and get bukkit plugins working as well. This was a fresh install of tekkit 1.06 server. I changed my bat loader to load the mcpc jar instead of the tekkit jar, and it looked like everything was shiny. However when I went to log in I get the error in the screen below. and here is a pastebin link to the referenced log file: http://pastebin.com/8FtpLcq4 any help would be appreciated. EDIT:: sorry everyone, it looks like the problem was caused by my server providers automatic install for tekkit using the wrong version of the tekkit server I manually installed and its working great!!
  3. I've just recently started playing on my friend's tekkit classic server, and it's very fun. I'm attempting to set up a automated creosote oil system, and I set it up exactly like they explain it on their wiki, yet the coke oven keeps dumping any creosote oil that it makes into bottles in its bottom slot rather than into the liquid unloader/tank cart. Here is a picture of the set up: I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, I searched through a bunch of threads about them and watched a lot of videos, but couldn't find anyone who had an issue. Any help is appreciated.