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  1. IGN: ItalianCigy age:17+ Mature enough? DW I'll be 18 in september , it may seem like a while away but time flies when your havin fun Location: Western Sydney steam: Cigy the Indigo mic: Yes I do
  2. I'm not an idiot silly, of course ive hooked it up, but I know its something to do with the CPU, changing the buttons inside it, but I mucked around with the CPU on sp, and tried changing the monitors ID's, but just cant seem to get it to work... why can't i put pictures from my comp on here, i can show the setup
  3. On a server that I am currently playing on, i have built and coded a computer system for frame motor doors, and i want another monitor outside so people can open it and close it from the inside and outside, unfortunately, only the inside monitor works, and not the other, if i can have any help please, i have pictures to show you an example of what I mean...
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