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  1. Does anyone know how i go about adding the GLShaders mod found here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1539123-glsl-shaders-of/ to tekkit lite since i have placed the files in the mods folder and it hasnt done anything
  2. so earlier i noticed that Tekkit lite dosent have CC anymore and to be quite honest i was looking forward to the new CC in colour to be added into tekkit, So will CC be re-added into tekkit?
  3. o.O how did you install shader mod with tekkit i always crash OnTopic: Thanks for this i am so happy this TP has been modified <3
  4. how come when i check a griefed area with coreprotect v1.63 it tells me no blocks were placed / removed but in some areas you will get grass placed by: or obsidian placed by: #portal how come it wont work 100% any ideas?
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