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  1. No, it's a fresh and new, no lag, private server. But with no way to place down non-vanilla blocks that are part of the Modpack.
  2. I've hosted a private server and my friend joined me, and we got on creative and built our houses, but we can't place non-vanilla blocks. I can't place nether ores, frames, computers, and etc. This also happened in our Tekkit, Tekkit Lite, and Tekkit Classic Server. What is going on and what can I do to fix this issue? Please help! (If this is in the wrong forum, can it be moved to the correct one?)
  3. So once IC2 and RP2 actually update to 1.5.2, then Big Dig will be planning on re-adding back the mods at a later time?
  4. - Accidently posted something else.-
  5. What do you mean by dropping support for IC2, RP2, and Mystcraft? Do you mean by "removing"?
  6. So the new update for Big Dig is released tomorrow, will there be any fixes, changes, or add-ons to the modpack that anyone knows of?
  7. Title says. Is there or will there be a time Technic Launcher supports Java 7 for Mac? If there is, how can I (and everyone else) that has this issue upgrade Technic Launcher to Java 7? When I open the launcher, it says: Technic Launcher and Minecraft have incompatibility issues with Java 7 on OS X. Visit the following link for more information
  8. How do I update my Voltz server to the latest update? 1.1.0|1.4.7|Latest
  9. No, this is a Tekkit Classic Forum. I can run anything, my question is... will the Technic Team ever make a 1.4.7 version of Tekkit?
  10. Will there ever be a version 1.4.7 for Tekkit? I can already create a modpack that has all the mods Tekkit consists of and play in 1.4.7, but have incompatibilities with servers. Is the team currently working on a latest version of Tekkit, do you have to configure loads of files (bunch of effort) and do the same for Tekkit Servers or will it just be 1.2.5?
  11. To be honest, since it's our FIRST video. It might not be so good to you but as I said above, you can leave some suggestions in this thread or in the comments section to help us out so we can improve our videos. And thanks for telling me that, I almost forgot. xD
  12. Had to kinda move this thread, I mean like create another one and abandon the one I made. BUT, anyways. Hey guys, DmCarter here shouting out a new YouTube series started by "The Bomb Gaming". A standard closed small community challenged to record and review Games and Add-Ons to entertain and inform people to tell them whether they want it or not and want to enjoy it. But forget all of that, we started our first multiplayer series on a popular server allowing people to come and pass by and say "Hello" and check out our cool builds/factories we will be making in the progression of the series. So skipping to the link, the link is here: YouTube Video: YouTube Channel: If you want to subscribe, like the video and throw in there some good comments to cheer us up and make more Voltz videos and series in the future, feel free to do so. One more thing, leave a comment in this thread or in the video and post in there some suggestions to help us out and improve our videos in the future. Overall, thank you for your consideration in reading this thread and appreciate your support. Anyways, thank you.